Hungry Cub Loaf (Gluten, Grain, & Nut Free. LCHF Bread)

Oh summer holidays, how I love them!

We recently returned from several weeks holiday in South Africa. It was one of my most favourite holidays yet. Family reunions, wedding celebrations, beautiful settings, glorious sunshine, fun adventures, scrumptious food, and so much good quality time with people we love yet don’t see often enough. It was a holiday we didn’t want to end – too hard to say goodbye, too sad to draw a close to the wonderful times.

We stayed in five different places during our time away. In our final spot we slipped into an unofficial routine of wandering down to the local bakery for takeaway coffees and breakfast. The boiled eggs and sausages were my favourite! Each morning, looking over the shelves, I kept eyeing the loaves of ‘Banting Bread’, my interest piqued by the list of ingredients but then I’d veer back to purchase eggs. Towards the end of our time there I grabbed a loaf to sample. It was delicious! And our Little Miss also tucked in heartily. So I tasked myself with recreating a Hungry Cub version when I returned home.

On my first attempt I thought I’d created a complete failure, muttering angrily to myself about ‘wasting ingredients’ as I slid the pan into the oven. Thirty five minutes later I pulled out a beautiful loaf, humbly surprised that it actually worked! It  was even softer/more sandwich-friendly than the original, and it tasted great too!!

After a little tweaking I give you the recipe for my Hungry Cub Loaf. An ode to a great holiday…


Hungry Cub Loaf (makes 1 loaf)

2 cups flaxseeds/linseeds
1 tsp baking soda
6 eggs
1/2 cup water
4 tbsp coconut oil or butter, softened
1 tsp salt
1 tsp poppy seeds (to cover) – optional

Grease a loaf pan (I use 25cmx15cm) with butter or coconut oil and line across the long sides with baking paper. Preheat oven to 180’C/350’F.

Place the flaxseeds in a high-speed blender. Blitz until it becomes fine/flour-like in consistency. Add the baking soda and pulse lightly to mix through. Add the remaining ingredients except the poppy seeds. Blend on high speed to combine together well.

Pour/spoon the mixture out into the prepared loaf pan. It will be quite thick in consistency. If using the poppy seeds, sprinkle over the mixture.

Place the pan in the oven. Bake for 35-40mins or until a skewer comes back clean when you poke it through.

Cool on a wire rack. Then slice and enjoy! Store in an airtight container when not eating. Best if eaten within 5 days.


2 thoughts on “Hungry Cub Loaf (Gluten, Grain, & Nut Free. LCHF Bread)

  1. Katy Baxter says:

    Hi I made this this avo and really happy with the texture but it is super salty? I don’t think I stuffed up the recipe! Just thought I’d let you know in case there’s a typo and should be 1/2t?

    • hungrycub says:

      Thanks for your reply! For us we like the loaf to be on the salty side. It will also depend on which type of salt you use, if you’re using a fine white salt you’ll definitely want to reduce the amount. I use a coarser salt so my measurements are slightly higher. I’m glad you loved the texture! Next time try halving the salt quantity and it will hopefully be just the way you like it 🙂

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