Berry Frozen Yoghurt (Refined Sugar Free, No Ice Cream Churner Required!)




THIS is a recipe worth dancing about! I am in love, and I can’t wait to share it with you…

Our little boy, the newest cub, is coming up six weeks. It’s been a typical, wonderful, difficult, beautiful ride. Ups and downs, tiredness and naps, cuddles and… endless cuddles.

In the last (almost) six weeks I’ve been all about quick and easy meal fixes. During this time we’ve been lovingly gifted many dinner meals by amazing, generous friends and family (shout out to my amazing Mum who filled our freezer with hearty scrumptious meals!!) And in the weeks since then I’ve quickly developed a tendency towards anything that has me in and out of the kitchen in minutes – with a delicious dish in hand of course 😀

This frozen yoghurt… THIS has been a fantastic discovery of how quick and easy food CAN be exquisite!

I’m sure many of you will have heard of, or made, ‘instant banana ice cream’. It’s a style of dessert I’ve enjoyed several times, however often find the purely fruit content overly sweet, and get frustrated when it all turns icy in the freezer. Here I develop upon that idea and change it into something more berryish, and more creamy. The addition of yoghurt (and cream, if you decide to use it) adds a lusciousness which keeps it wonderfully creamy even after freezing. Ideal! None of that ‘making it, then having to eat it all in one go’!

Note I’ve included instructions on making thickened yoghurt. The thicker your yoghurt, the better the results will be. So although it’s not an absolutely vital step, I truly encourage you to take that step for enjoying extra smooth creaminess.

But all in all, the best part about this frozen dessert is that you don’t need a churner, simply use your food processor and you’ll be enjoying a delicious dish in no time.

P.S if I may recommend – chocolate shell sauce pairs beautifully here!


Berry Frozen Yoghurt (makes approx 1.2L)

3 bananas
2 cups frozen berries (my favourite are boysenberries, but use what YOU love!)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups thick unsweetened yoghurt (you can use a greek yoghurt if you desire, I recommend going and extra step and using some ‘thickened yoghurt’ – click for instructions)
1/2 cup cream – optional (for a little extra creaminess)

Lay an oven tray (or something big/small enough to fit in your freezer) with baking paper. Peel and chop the bananas into approx 2cm slices, placing them in a single layer on your baking tray. Pop the tray in the freezer and freeze for 6+ hours, preferably overnight – until the banana is frozen solid.
When frozen, tip the bananas into your food processor along with the frozen berries. Process until the banana and berries are finely chopped, almost grain-like in appearance. Add the extract and yoghurt (plus cream if using) and process again until smooth and soft-serve like in texture. Quickly transfer the mixture to a sealable, freezable container and pop it in the freezer for 2 hours or until required for serving.
Note: if it has been in the freezer for quite some time it will go quite solid. Just place it on the bench for 20mins before serving and it will soften up beautifully for you to a wonderful creamy texture. It will keep well in the freezer for 5 days (but may not last that long due to excessive deliciousness!)


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    It would be a good idea to include a “print recipe” feature to avoid printing 3 pages unneccesarly,this will help the environment.

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