Thickened Yoghurt Instructions



This is not really what you call a recipe… more of a set of instructions – but it’s a method I go through many times over, using in a great variety of dishes. I began using ‘thickened yoghurt’, or labneh as it’s sometimes called, several years ago. First as an icing replacement on cakes, then in more diverse ways as time went on; from cracker toppers or pizza dollops, to frozen yoghurt additions and even a yoghurt variation on the classic Cheese Ball; trust me, you’re on to a great thing here!!

Most of all, I use thickened yoghurt as a cream cheese replacement. I’m not overly against cream cheese, however I’ve tended more towards using yoghurt for the wonderful probiotic benefits, the cost-effectiveness, and the side production of whey that results. Leave the thickened yoghurt plain for savoury or frozen yoghurt dishes, or add a dash of pure maple syrup if you want a goooorgeous thick ‘icing’ to any cake.

I implore you to give it a whirl, you’ll find MANY ways to put it to use with glorious results!




Thickened Yoghurt Instructions (makes approx 2 1/2 cups)

1 litre unsweetened greek yoghurt

1 muslin (or clean ‘chux’ cloth)
1 large fine mesh sieve
1 large bowl (I use a 2L size pyrex bowl)

Rest the sieve over the bowl (you’ll want the right size so it can sit overtop without needing to be held). Line the sieve with the clean muslin or chux cloth. Pour the yoghurt onto the cloth, then fold over the edges of the cloth to loosely cover the yoghurt. Place the bowl in the fridge and leave for 8+ hours/overnight.
You’ll be left with a very thick yoghurt in the cloth and drained whey in the bowl. If you wish, pour the whey into a glass jar and keep in the fridge to use in dishes requiring lax-fermentation (I mostly use mine in soaked porridge and in mayonnaise/aioli) but feel free to discard the whey if that’s not something you wish to use.
Transfer the thickened yoghurt to a sealable container and store in the refrigerator. Keeps well for 5 days.


3 thoughts on “Thickened Yoghurt Instructions

    • hungrycub says:

      Hey! I add 1-2 tbsp of whey to the water in which I soak my oats overnight. It aids in a fermentation process of the oats, making them more digestible for us/a bit easier on our tummies. My fairly general method is 1 part whole oats to 2 parts water. Add 1-2tbsp whey, and a dash of salt. Sit on the stovetop in the pot to soak overnight then, in the morning, boil until you’ve reached your desired porridge consistency. It’s Lucy’s favourite breakfast!! ❤

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