Dark Chocolate Frozen Yoghurt (Dairy and Egg Free)


The warmer months are upon us!! And among many delightful reasons listing why I love summer, one perched near the top is that summer is the time where my ice cream maker certainly gets it’s money’s worth on churning.

Said ice cream maker has been a mainstay in our house for 4 years now, purchased the same day my husband signed up for Crossfit – his head says ‘go to the gym’, my heart says ‘eat more ice cream.’ It’s a beautiful collision of worlds we’ve enjoyed to this day!

This season, frozen yoghurt seems to be my dessert of choice. Maybe it’s a pregnancy craving thing, perhaps it’s just that I’m a little yoghurt mad lately. But I’m having a grand ole time spinning out trial after trial. A top hit wonder was the Lemon Frozen Yoghurt – OH BOY I’ll have to come back to that one another time! However I wanted to create a little number that was not only delicious, but dairy and egg free – because such ingredients are common allergen or aversion points for people and NO ONE should have to miss out!

Now, dark chocolate is somewhat of an unusual flavour of frozen yoghurt, but when it’s dairy-free with coconut yoghurt in the mix, it just works! And may I say this is the first of many such recipes frozen yoghurt churning out in the next few months so keep your eyes open for more flavours coming 🙂

Also, you’ll notice the inclusion of coffee in the recipe – it slots in nicely to give the chocolate a dark, rich boost. The flavour of coffee doesn’t dominate, but if, however, you’re not a coffee fan then feel free to swap it out for coconut milk (use the runnier part from the bottom of the can) or water.

Enjoy that creamy goodness xx





Dark Chocolate Frozen Yoghurt (makes approx 1.5L)

1 cup full-fat coconut milk
1 tbsp tapioca flour
1/2 cup brewed coffee
4 tbsp cocoa
3 tbsp coconut sugar (or pure maple syrup, or honey)
1/8 tsp salt
2 tsp vanilla extract
50g dark chocolate, roughly chopped (I recommend Lindt 90% for a hearty dark but use your fav)

3 cups coconut yoghurt (click for the link to my recipe, or use your own preferred brand)

Measure out 2 tbsp coconut milk and set aside in a small bowl. Add the tapioca flour and whisk to a smooth mixture.
Pour the remaining coconut milk, coffee, cocoa, honey, and salt into a pot over a medium heat on the stove. Whisk to a smooth mixture and heat until it’s steaming and the chosen sweetener has melted. Pour in the tapioca/coconut mixture and whisk around quickly to mix well. Continue to heat while it thickens to a custard-like consistency.
Once thickened, remove from the heat. Add the vanilla extract and chocolate. Sit for 2-5mins then stir the now-melted chocolate through the mixture evenly.
Pour the entire mixture into a large glass or ceramic bowl. Allow to sit and cool for 10 mins before adding the coconut yoghurt. Combine to smooth. Place in the fridge until cold (or overnight).
When completely chilled, churn in your ice cream maker as per manufacturer instructions. Store in a sealable container in the freezer.

Savour with your favourite toppings!!


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