Homemade Deodorant



It’s no secret that I love making homemade items, whether it’s the snacks and meals we eat, or the cleaners and body products I use; if I can make it at home, I’m keen to give it (at least) a trial.

When I became a mum, for one reason or another; I became painfully aware of what was in products and foods I used. Maybe it was thinking about what flowed through me to my baby, maybe it was thinking about what brand new items I was introducing to this blank slate of a human… It was definitely on my mind more than before.

While breastfeeding, such thoughts naturally flowed to the next closest product site; my pits! After peering at the ingredient list on my usual deodorant (and not recognising a single thing!) I decided to give homemade variations a whirl. There are a ton of methods out there, and after trialling a few I landed on this concoction I have been using for over a year now.

I know that some people with extra sensitive skin can find baking soda an irritant, so if this is your first go at homemade deodorant start with small amounts to try it gently first. Plus – ensure your baking soda is aluminium free (most are, but it pays to check)

I want to note that I’m not handing out any health information here. This is just something I’ve tried and enjoyed, feel free to make up your mind for yourself 🙂

Essential oils are part of the recipe, but they’re not… essential – it’s just something I use to create a pleasant smell, leave it in or out to your desire. I make my deodorant in small quantities, that way I can change up the oils fairly frequently if I like. However I do find it lasts quite a while!


Homemade Deodorant 

1 tbsp coconut oil
2 tbsp baking soda
5+ drops essential oil (to preference) – use your favourite scent, I love lavender

Place the coconut oil and baking soda in a bowl, using the back of a spoon, mash it together to a paste, smashing out all lumps of coconut oil. Add your drops of essential oil then mix through.
Spoon into a small, clean, sealable glass jar. During the hot months you may wish to store it in a cooler, shady place, such as your bathroom cupboard or even the fridge. Otherwise I find it fine stored on the bathroom counter.

When ready to use, scoop out a small amount with your finger and spread it on your armpits (in cold weather, give it a moment in your warm hands to soften a little).


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