21-Day Sugar Detox. It’s happening.

I’m going to do it. I’m going to follow an eating plan.

21-Day Sugar Detox. I’m coming for you.

…on Monday. Because everything should start on a Monday…


Firstly let me just say that I’m not your number one fan of the word ‘detox’ – it seems a bit overused in the food and health arenas; instant detox supplements, detox juices, detox lemon everything, detox-you-will-feel-starved-because-you-can-only-have-liquids… those kinds of programs. And let me be truly honest; I was afraid of people judging me for doing a ‘detox’. So it was with trepidation that I picked up this book.
Refreshingly the book was just real advice about real food. Have a sneak peek some time, it’s beautiful!
By the way, the true definition of detox is: ‘a period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances’ – I guess excess sugar can fall into the ‘unhealthy substances’ so lets just run with the chosen word and carry on…

Secondly I have to admit that my primary motivation to try this out is not about kicking a sugar habit. As great as that is I don’t feel like we’re overly addicted to sugar in our house (I’m absolutely willing to be proved wrong here along the way!) For my own hormonal health, we severely cut back on lots of sweet foods some time ago. So to be honest I’m feeling most excited about attempting to follow a set meal plan. I’m going to be told what to cook for 21 whole days!
You can also easily go through the 21 days cooking meals of your own making (find out more for yourself by clicking on the links below) but I’ve been wanting to trial sticking to a meal plan. I’m sure I’ll make a few adjustments here or there depending on seasonal items and preferred tastes, perhaps I’ll whip up something of my own when the inspiration hits, but for the most part I’ll go with the plan.

We’re running with the Level Three guide using the outline from the Cookbook (as opposed to the first book) spot what happens when you leave your book with your toddler…


What I love about the 21-Day Sugar Detox program:
It’s real food. There aren’t any supplements, or strange items, or even any alternative sweeteners to go out and buy. It’s veggies, meats (if you wish), nuts, herbs and spices, and a little fruit (green apples and bananas become your sweeteners). Scouring though the book, the meals look delicious and uncomplicated.
Plus there’s a lot of dishes/styles of cooking I don’t often use so I’m excited about eating this variety of meals!

What I’m nervous about:
My major concern in trying this out is whether I’ll be able to stick to my food budget. It could go either way. Perhaps I’ll find that buying to a plan works out better at the checkout than shopping haphazardly. Perhaps it’ll cost us more because I won’t be falling back on my eggs-for-lunch habit. I’m yet to know.
I plan to track the budget so I’ll report back on this one later on.
Also, because we’re going with Level Three, our main adjustment will be cutting out dairy for the 21 days. I’m not planning on being dairy free forever (maybe it’ll be an interesting trial??) yet I know it will help me think outside the square a little more for three weeks.


Join Me??

Along the way I’d LOVE the company of anyone who would like to join me in trying this out!!
You can find plans in books of your own (or go to your local library like me!) otherwise you can sign up to their online instructions or even just the free daily email of inspiration (see the links below).

I’ll let you all know how it goes along the journey
and if you have any questions, fire away 🙂

Links to find out more:
Free daily emails
Paid package options

21-Day Sugar Detox on Facebook


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