Basil Pesto


Simply put; I adore having a jar of this around. It’s mightily flavourful and SUCH an easy way to add a little something to a number of dishes.

Stir it through salad, serve it as a side with bbq’d meat, slather it over a pizza (particularly this scrummy number!), spoon it through a creamy sauce (like the Chicken ‘Fettuccine’ one here) or dish it up straight on seed crackers or a slice of tomato.

It’s a great way to put a little fancy pants on your basil with a classic goodie.



Basil Pesto 

1/2 cup raw cashews (you can sub with sunflower seeds if you’re nut free)
2 large cloves garlic
1 large handful fresh basil
1 large handful baby spinach leaves
juice of 1 lemon
1/2 tsp to salt (more to taste if needed)
2 tbsp finely grated parmesan, optional

Place the cashews and garlic in a food processor and blend until the cashews are a fine crumble. Add the remaining ingredients and blitz to your desired consistency.

Store in a sealable jar in the fridge, best if used in the next 5 days.


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