Avocado Brownies (Gluten, Dairy & Refined Sugar Free)


Brownies are a hero of the baking world. Chocolate hit. Fudgy goodness. A total crowd favourite. Most people I know have some kick-butt ‘Grandma’s special’ recipe they swear by – and most of the time, whoever they are, it’s darn good! I even have my own hand written ‘secret-don’t-show-this-to-anyone’ recipe I was given as a teenager. Each time I stumble upon it, it makes my eyes pop to see the sugar quantities required.

So it was obviously time to reinvent the simple, but delicious snack.

Standing, staring out my kitchen window (where I spend far too much time lost in thought), I was struck by an idea. Avocados! Avocados have been sneaking their way into about 80% of my creations lately. So why not give it a whirl?!

Lo and behold, I discovered that brownies are a SPLENDID way to use up some of the MANY avocados I have lining my window sills!

These particular ones end up with a fudge-ish, moussy kind of texture (a little less if you use coconut sugar in place of the pure maple syrup or honey). They store well in the fridge and are best if eaten within 5 days. Enjoy changing up the various ‘optional extras’ and savour the rich chocolatey taste!

So without further adieu; BROWNIES!…



Avocado Brownies 

2 large ripe avocados
3 eggs
4 heaped tbsp cocoa/cacao
5 tbsp pure maple syrup, raw honey, or coconut sugar (also known as coconut nectar or crystals)
3 tbsp ground almond
1/2 tsp baking soda
2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp sea or himalayan salt

Optional Extras:

2 tbsp walnuts, chopped

1/2 cup dark chopped dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids or higher)

1/2 cup frozen berries (raspberries or boysenberries work great here!)


Preheat the oven to 160’C/320’F. Line a baking tin (I used a 22x15cm tin, you could use slightly bigger or smaller depending on what you have) and grease the sides with a little coconut oil.

Remove the flesh from the avocados and place it in a food processor or blender. add the eggs. Sift in the cocoa or cacao, maple syrup (or honey or coconut sugar) ground almond, baking soda, vanilla extract, and salt. Blend until well combined and smooth.

Stir through the walnuts, chocolate, or berries (whatever you use) by hand.

Pour the mixture into the prepared tin and bake for 20-25 mins (or until springy but not dry)

Remove from the oven, allow to cool in the tin before taking out and cooling completely on a wire rack.
Store covered in the refrigerator when not eating. Will keep well 5 days.


9 thoughts on “Avocado Brownies (Gluten, Dairy & Refined Sugar Free)

  1. Louise says:

    Could you substitute coconut flour instead of almond flour? These look divine and I would like to make them for my kids lunchboxes…but has to be nut free!

  2. Vanessa says:

    These look amazing and we definitely want to try them. Is there any other type of gluten free flour I could use? We also have to be nut free but we’re told to stay away from coconut for the time being. Thanks!

    • hungrycub says:

      Can you tolerate seeds? You could use finely ground sunflower seeds in place of the ground almond. Otherwise a rice flour could substitute if you’re ok with grains 🙂

  3. TT says:

    Would regular all-purpose flour work? I’m not gluten-free, just looking for a slightly healthier alternative to regular brownies.

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