Two Ingredient Crepes (Gluten, Dairy & Refined Sugar Free)


This is a recipe that’s been floating around various places for a long time now, but since we love it so much in our house I thought I’d share it here.

These crepes are so quick and simple, perfect for when you want something a little special for breakfast (or at any point of the day) yet can’t be bothered with too much fuss or ingredients. They’re light, easy to fill and roll, and you can make them in whatever size to suit the big or small hands that will be consuming them.

I whipped up a batch for breakfast on this cold morning and they went down a treat with some Strawberry Chia Seed Jam. I’m sure you’ll love how easy they are to create!




Two Ingredient Crepes


1 banana

2 eggs


Heat a pan on the stove to a medium temperature. Blend both ingredients together in a blender or food processor until smooth. Grease the pan with whatever you prefer to use (butter or coconut oil etc.) Ladle some mixture into the heated pan and use the back of the ladle to spread the mixture out thinly in a filled circle. Cook until the topside is no longer runny (2-3mins) then gently flip the crepe over and cook on the other side for 1-2mins. Repeat process until all the mixture is cooked and in a delicious looking pile.

Serve plain, or with whatever toppings you love best. I enjoy homemade chia jam, sliced bananas, drizzles of honey, or a generous helping of my Chocolate Hazelnut Spread 






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