Mint Chocolate Truffles (Gluten, Dairy & Refined Sugar Free)


I’ve always had a thing for truffles. I don’t know what it is. Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved making, and subsequently devouring, truffles of all types and flavours. They always felt like such a fancy treat, so now, with a abundance of tried and true flavour combinations; they’re my go to snack for afternoon visitors or to pack into The Man’s lunch.

Peppermint and chocolate is one of my favourite combinations, it’s refreshing and delectable! Be careful when adding the flavour oil, if you accidentally add a smidge too much it can be like licking toothpaste off a candy-cane – peppermint overload. I like to drop mine onto a spoon first and then tip into the mixture. Too many slip ups have taught me caution!

For those in NZ, I found my peppermint oil at Huckleberry Farms in Auckland, but you will also easily find them in many healthfood stores or online. If you love minty chocolate flavours then a small pottle is definitely worth the purchase, it will go a loooooong way – after all the creating I’ve been churning out, I’m still only 1/4 of my way through mine.

You can roll them in whatever coating you like best, or whip out melted dark chocolate for those special occasions… or for when you’re in the mood for that chocolate hit!



Mint Chocolate Truffles – makes approximately 40 truffles

Truffle Mixture:

1 cup sunflower seeds or cashews or almonds

1 cup desiccated coconut

1 cup dates, soaked overnight in water (3 tbsp soaking water reserved to go in mixture)

4 tbsp cocoa

1/8 tsp salt

2 drops peppermint essential oil

50g dark chocolate, chopped (70% cocoa solids or higher) – optional


Topping Ideas:

Desiccated coconut

Ground pistachios (I blitz some in a blender to make a fine crumb)

Cocoa or cacao

Melted dark chocolate


Place the sunflower seeds (or nuts) and coconut in the food processor, blend until crumbly and combined. Add the dates, soaking water, cocoa, salt and peppermint oil, process until well blended and comes together in a big sticky mixture ball. Add the chopped chocolate (if using) and pulse quickly to mix through (don’t over-mix otherwise the chocolate will disappear beyond recognition).

Refrigerate the mixture for an hour or so to firm a little. With clean hands, take a heaped teaspoon of the mixture and roll into balls then roll in your chosen topping (or dip if using chocolate). Will store easily in the refrigerator or the freezer.


11 thoughts on “Mint Chocolate Truffles (Gluten, Dairy & Refined Sugar Free)

  1. heleng03 says:

    Oh man. Your blog is reading my mind! I’ve just been researching mint choc chip ice cream reipes tonight because I am craving something with that delicious flavour combo! These are now on tomorrows list!

    • hungrycub says:

      Yes! They’re still equally delicious as little chocolate truffles – you can also add in some chopped almonds for a little more texture if you like. Meanwhile, keep an eye out, because I have my next favourite truffle recipe coming up next week!

    • hungrycub says:

      Yes 🙂 I use a food grade essential oil. You could use extract in it’s place although I think perhaps the essential oil taste is stronger so perhaps if you use the extract you may need to taste and add more if needed. Happy baking!

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