Liebster Award


In the last few days I had the delight of being nominated for a Liebster Award! What an honour! I was nominated by FoodRadical, a wonderful blogger from Portland, USA. There is some great healthy food and honest, heartfelt words on her blog, I’d recommend a look! Check it out here;

To be honest, I hadn’t heard of the Liebster Award before, I’m a bit of a novice to the blogging world.  But now I understand it is a pay-it-forward award that is intended for up and coming blogs with fewer than 500 followers. It helps the bloggers to connect, see each other and share a bit of themselves. You accept the award, answer the questions given by the blogger who nominated you then pay it forward by nominating one or more blogs that you admire.

To answer the questions given to me by FoodRadical :

What do you hope to achieve through blogging? I started up this blog (with the adjoining Facebook page) for a place and way to connect with other people who love food and love to talk about food. I’m a little obsessed with everything foodie and I savour the moments where I stumble across someone similar – I hope I can connect with more such people. I also hope to achieve the fostering and growth of my culinary knowledge. The more I create recipes and blog, the more my passion for it grows. May it ever continue!
If you work outside the house, do you pack your own lunch? Since becoming a mum I no longer work outside the home so I have the great luxury of a full fridge being at hand for any lunch supplies. In my working days (as a midwife) I packed my lunch each day, usually components of leftovers from the night before or my go-to salad, otherwise it would be toast & avocado or homemade cereal – work hours were an ever-changing beast as a midwife! But always something simple to throw together before dashing out the door.
Who was your childhood celebrity crush? I’m sure I’d be among a throng of people in a similar position by admitting my childhood celebrity crush was John Stamos, better known as Uncle Jesse from Full House. Uncle Joey was great fun, but it was the spunk and ‘bad-boy’ nature of Uncle Jesse that captured the hearts of girls worldwide. I was hooked. It was a total bonus that he turned up, years later, on E.R!
What inspires you to continuing blogging? People who enjoy the recipes I post and connect via commenting and my Facebook page, it truly encourages me to share the journey with others.
What is your favorite color? Red. It’s an emotional colour. I’m an emotional person. We go well together.
Do you shop at your local farmers market? Yes and no. To be accurate, we don’t really have a local farmers market in our neighbourhood. But there are several in other parts around the city which my husband and I love spending time at. Last weekend we spent Saturday morning at the Parnell Markets buying foods, tasting treats, strolling around in the sun. In my books that’s the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning!
What is your favorite “out to eat” place and why? Hard question! We don’t get the chance to eat out much these days with a little one in the house, and when we do we love making new discoveries trying new places. But one that has been a favourite from our dating days would be Casablanca. It’s middle of the road for location and price, but the food is amazing. The Mediterranean cuisine is simply delicious, my husband and I order the same dish each time we go simply because it’s just too good to pass up; Skewered Scotch Fillets served with salad, hummus and harissa. It also has a warm atmosphere, a great place to be on a cold night.


Now I get to nominate people!! : This blog is simply beautiful. Stunning photos, honest and thought-provoking words; I always feel encouraged and uplifted after reading these posts. It embraces the difficult and the delightful aspects of life, with a heart of gratitude and sincerity – definitely worth a read! : This blog is crafted around thoughts and experiences of faith, family and food. All things that are close to my heart. The recipes are mouth-watering and diverse and the thoughts shared are insightful – you feel privileged to enter into the life and kitchen of this blogger!


Now to these bloggers; pass the award on with the following ‘rules’…

1. Tag in the blogger who nominated you.
2. Answer the questions you were given.
3. Nominate other blogs with less than 500 followers.
4. Post questions for your selected nominees to answer.
5. Tag and link the nominees and post a comment to let them know you have nominated them and appreciate their hard work.


My questions to you:

1. When and why did you start blogging?

2. What is your favourite family activity?

3. Describe your perfect meal

4. What is your latest ‘life lesson’ learning?

5. Where’s your next holiday destination?

6. Which book would you encourage others to read?

7. What do you love about blogging?


Thank you again, FoodRadical, and all those who stop by to read my meandering words and creations!


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