It all starts here

Recipes to come

Recipes to come

“People who love to eat are always the best people” – Julia Child

If you love eating, you are pretty much my favourite kind of person: I write for you.

I can go for hours talking about, dreaming about, laughing about and planning food. Some people may call it an obsession but if you give it the name ‘passion’ then it sounds a little less crazy eyes, a little more refined. I’m passionate about food.

I can’t remember a time when the love of food was not on my radar but since our daughter (dubbed “Cub” until we met her face to face) arrived in our midst, my cooking creations slowly shifted in the winds. As a parent you yearn to do everything in your power and ability to present the pure and lovely things of the world to your young child. Sometimes you get it, sometimes you fail, but you try anyway. When she started eating solid food, suddenly I wanted to know more about what food I was creating. Where did the ingredients come from? What effect do they have? What is the “best choice” for a hungry, growing child?

I’m still learning, still trialling, still trying to understand an overload of information out there. My journey this far has taken me to whole-foods and refined sugar free. Simple ingredients (even if not always commonly used), simple handling processes, wonderful benefits, incredible taste.

I love the creativity, the depth of flavours and the challenge of producing new delicious dishes for the family to enjoy. And finally I’m finding a place to log my ideas and connect with my favourite kind of people.

Keep an eye out for recipes to flow starting at the end of the week.

It all starts here… Welcome to Hungry Cub.

6 thoughts on “It all starts here

  1. Clare says:

    This looks very interesting. And being the recipient of your delicious creations on many occasions, I can only endorse what you are doing. great stuff. I look forward to what we see in the future. Clare (aka Mum)

  2. Jomine Ayers says:

    I am an avid taste-tester and hope to be so till death do us part…and until you get a certified commercial kitchen, then I’ll happily pay for your culinary delights! You and your food never fail to blow my mind, beautiful lady. Stoked you have a blog now xx (PS. and God bless Cub for shaping your talents toward such wholesome, healty yummy stuff!).

  3. B says:

    Very excited by this and looking forward to your first recipe posts! We’ve obviously had similar blog-creating thoughts recently as I’ve just decided to try my own domain – I’m currently working on it but hoping to replace the blogger blog with an exciting new website within the next few weeks! love Becky

  4. Sony says:

    Loving your recipes, I have just started a small cafe at a gym, made me think outside the square, I’ve been using quite a few good old Edmonds recipes, they seriously kick arse! I live in Aus, I’m going to try your Ginger crunch tomorrow (paleo), oh & the afghans,, I made them recently everyone loved them although they had no idea what afghans are, anyways,, cheers!!!

      • hungrycub says:

        Thank you so much for taking to time to write here! I’m so pleased to hear you’re enjoying some of the recipes and able to have some good ole Kiwi food while in Aus 🙂 A cafe at a gym sounds fantastic! I hope it goes well for you, let me know if there’s any recipe makeovers you would like to see!

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